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Our Parent Council have an excellent partnership with the school. If you would like to find out more about the Parent Council and what we do, or if you have something you would like to discuss we would be delighted to see you! We aim to have parental representation across all year groups from P1 – P7 if at all possible, so please come and join us if you can.

We always welcome new members, and all parents and carers are welcome to come along to any of our meetings. We realise the meeting dates won’t suit everyone , so there is no obligation to come to every meeting – we’re just happy to have you join us when you can!

The Senior Leadership Team are represented at each meeting, so for parents it’s a great way to find out what is happening in our school, how we can help, and to put forward any ideas or suggestions we might have to make our school even better!

Our current office bearers are:-
  • Chair Person – Kevin Smith
  • Vice Chair Person – John Devitt
  • Treasurer – Kelly Weir
  • Secretary – Mhairi Devitt
  • Church Rep - Fr Ivan Boyle

The Charperson's Annual Report for 2021/22 can be viewed and downloaded below:-
The Annual General Meeting for August 2023 can be viewed and downloaded below:-
The next meetings will take place at 6:30pm - 7:30pm on:-
  • Monday 15th January 2024
  • Monday 11th March 2024
  • Monday 20th May 2024

To see minutes of previous meetings please click on the links below:-
Parent Helpers - September 2021.pdf
Parent Helpers are a valuable asset to our school.  Parents can donate their time to help our school in many ways - working with children in classes, helping in the school garden, creating resources, accompanying classes on trips outwith school. 

If you are interested please contact the school office on 01698 813540.
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